Growing tired of my incredibly unruly hair, I decided to look for a tutorial for quick and easy headbands in an to attempt to tame my wild mane. Thanks to Pinterest, I quickly discovered The Crafty Scientists’ tutorial for Ribbon + Rubber Headbands which was exactly what I was looking for. Ten minutes later, I kid you not, I had created my very own version using some fabulously bright ribbons I’d recently bought and some old hairbands I found in my bathroom. My method is a little different to Mel’s but does the same job and I’m thrilled with the outcome!

Source: My iPhone

My mind has gone into overdrive thinking of all the different variations I could make. It’s times like this I wish I had a daughter to test these things out on as I don’t think my boys would be too appreciative if I started making them wear ribbons in their hair. With a little practice, I aim to have these down to a five minute project. If you’d like a step-by-step tutorial of my version of these headbands, just let me know.