Kidney Bean Chocolate Cake Recipe (With Chocolate Avocado Icing) (GF DF NF)

The "Magic Bean" Chocolate Cake is one of the most popular recipes on the Recipe Community and understandably so. It's amaaazing! Chocolate cake without the guilt? Yes please. The recipe below is my version that I made today and that was almost completely devoured by my family in one sitting. I wasn't sure how the kids would go with the different texture but I don't even think they noticed the difference. You should have seen their faces when I told them what the cake and the icing were made ... [Read More]

Raw Coconut Cranberry “Fudge” Recipe (DF GF)

OK, so it's not real fudge but it sure would pass! This is quite the delicacy and relatively healthy too. It will go soft at room temperature so serve it straight from the freezer and stick the leftovers back in the freezer as soon as possible. Leftovers. Ha! Raw Coconut Cranberry "Fudge"   Print Prep time 5 mins Total time 5 mins   Author: Amanda Powell ( Serves: 16 Ingredients 150gm coconut oil 120gm honey 100gm desiccated coconut 80gm dried ... [Read More]

Apple & Date Muffins Recipe (DF)

This is another of my 'oat flour' experiments which thankfully turned out great. As you can see, Mr 3 is a big fan! You'll find these and more ideas on my 'Lunchbox Snacks Made in the Thermomix' list. Apple & Date Muffins Recipe (DF)   Print Prep time 5 mins Cook time 20 mins Total time 25 mins   Author: Amanda Powell ( Serves: 12 or 24 mini Ingredients 250gm rolled oats 2 apples, cored and quartered Handful of medjool dates, pitted ... [Read More]

I’m a Kidspot Voices of 2014 Nominee!

I am so humbled to have my little blog nominated for such an award and just wanted to take a moment to thank whoever it was that nominated me. Thank you! Voices of 2014 highlights Australia’s best blogging talent and will showcase 90 amazing bloggers from all walks of life – fearless foodies, creative crafters, supreme stylers and passionate parents - with 30 being selected from three categories, Personal and Parenting; Travel and Lifestyle; and Food and Wellbeing. There are some awesome prizes ... [Read More]

Sausage Ragu Recipe

This is not a traditional Ragu because I'm not using a base that has minced, chopped or ground meat. Instead I'm using steamed sausages in a Ragu-style sauce. It's quite a hearty dish, probably more suited to Winter than early-Autumn but still a delicious all-round meal. I made up this recipe by researching other Ragu recipes and converting the ingredients for use in the Thermomix. This was my very first attempt at this dish (and at Ragu in general) and I think I nailed it! Even Mr "I hate sausages" ... [Read More]

Raw Blueberry “Cheesecake” Recipe (DF GF)

I needed a quick dessert for a BBQ on Saturday night so I jumped on the Recipe Community for some inspiration. I discovered a recipe for blueberry cheesecake however this "cheesecake" actually had no trace of cheese in it whatsoever. It's raw, dairy-free, gluten-free, no-bake and is so incredibly simple to make with or without a Thermomix. It honestly tastes just like a regular cheesecake! I've made it twice now since Saturday, once in a 20cm springform pan and also as mini-cheesecakes for the ... [Read More]

White Choc Macadamia Oat Biscuits Recipe

I fell in love with white choc macadamia biscuits when I was working (which seems like a lifetime ago now). I regularly bought some homemade ones from the coffee van that called by once a week. They combined two of my favourite foods in one - macadamias and chocolate - and I couldn't get enough of them. Now that I'm no longer allowed to have plain flour, I'm trying to find ways to make my old favourites around my new dietary changes. This recipe uses oat flour in place of plain and to be honest, ... [Read More]

Sri Lankan Coconut Chicken Recipe

A few months ago I purchased some YIAH seasoning mixes from a friend and never got around to using them until recently. The original recipe for this dish is on the YIAH website but I have converted it in my own way for cooking in the Thermomix. If you'd like to buy the seasoning mentioned in this recipe, my lovely friend Peta sells it on her YIAH website. I only added one tablespoon of seasoning as any more and it would have been too spicy for the kids. If you like it spicier, add another tablespoon. ... [Read More]

Healthy Donuts Recipe (DF)

This morning for breakfast I wanted something a little different from porridge or eggs on toast but still within the healthy range. I make oat pancakes occasionally and thought why not turn them into donuts using the awesome Willow donut baking tray I got from Target a few weeks ago (you could use a donut maker if you have one). I've also seen these trays at Big W and Kmart and on eBay. They were a hit! The kids were so excited to be having "donuts" for breakfast and even wanted to take ... [Read More]

This Week’s Thermomix Meal Plan – Mar 3-Mar 9, 2014

Monday Mar 3 - Pumpkin Soup (EDC) served with crusty bread rolls Tuesday Mar 4 - Caesar Salad served with prawns instead of chicken Wednesday Mar 5 - Vegetable Fritters using leftover corned meat Thursday Mar 6 - Moroccan Lamb served with couscous Friday Mar 7 - Chicken & Sun-dried Tomato Risotto Saturday Mar 8 - Healthy Fish & Chips Sunday Mar 9 - Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken with Creamy Garlic Sauce served with steamed vegetables If you’re still chasing ideas, click ... [Read More]
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